Are you a toolbox freak? Or do you like working with the tools? Then there is an article for you to give you detailed information about the most important type of tools which are widely used by people to get their work done. These are used to handle the metals which are hot, to bend or compress hard things and metals. These are predicted to be derived from the tongs.

The pliers are the second class lever which is made by the joining of the two first class lever. There are various kinds of pliers which are available in the market some with the short jaws and some with the long ones. By the end of the article, one can know about the origin of the pliers as well as the use of them in different walks of life.

History of the pliers

Pliers are the ancient invention of the simple tools, and there is no such single point of the history where the use of the pliers is ignored. People used this tool to handle hot materials. This was mostly used at the time of the process of smiting or casting. There were wooden and the bronze pliers used in the ancient days.

With the invention of the different materials like those of the fasteners, wires, pipes electrical components etc. the different number of designs of the pliers came into existence. These days the availability of the pliers are marked with the varieties in them, and one can buy pliers online choosing among various options available on the online source which can suit the kind of work to be done.

Types of the pliers

There are three types of the pliers namely: the adjustable ones, the non-adjustable ones and the locking ones. So let us know each of them in brief:

  • Adjustable pliers:

These are the pliers which offer a lot of versatility in them. The jaws of the pliers can be adjusted so that the jaws tend to fit in the items of all the size may be small or large. But the jaws remain parallel. The wrench pliers are the adjustable ones which are used to grip the pipes, and the jaws are curved. These tools are capable of turning the bolts without any stripping. The tongue and groove pliers have large jaws, and the handles are long as well. One can do pliers online shopping in India to find the pliers with many variations.

  • Non-adjustable pliers

These are the pliers which cannot be changed according to the precision of the requirement. Thus they are used to screw the small things; Examples of the non-adjustable pliers are lineman’s pliers, needle nose, etc.

  • Locking pliers:

These pliers can be locked to provide grip. It plays the role of hand.

Pliers are very important tools which are present in almost all the households. Their structure is simple, and they are one of the very tools which are essentially required to be present in the toolbox so that one can make sure that the pair of pliers is there in an emergency.

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