The chief difference between a steam bath and sauna is that the former uses a dry heat at a very high temperature, while the latter utilizes 100% humidity at a low temperature.

With variety of water heaters available in the market, it is important to understand the functionality and utility of steam bath generators. This knowledge will give an understanding of whether a steam generator will be a more preferred option over a standard boiler. The generators now come in various sizes and shapes that will take less space than an average water heater. Besides being inconspicuous, they are convenient because they can be installed horizontally or vertically, giving you an opportunity to choose the sport where you want to get it installed. They are useful for both residential and commercial use.

How it Works:

These generators involve simple methods. It is quite handy to maintain and operate. It includes a huge tank to hold the water, an inlet for fresh water supply and an outlet for steam. The base of the tank has an electric apparatus which boils the water. The vapor amount is determined by the capacity of the electric unit present under the tank. These generator units should not be close to the bath as it can be installed at a distance. Usually, these tanks which hold water are made of steel. These tanks are typically designed to enable the pressure and vapor to build up.

Both hot and cold water can be used in these tanks, but hot vapor can be made produced instantly by using hot water rather than cold water. These generator units also use a water probe which is connected to a valve that can control the water level.

The water flows into the tank of the steam bath generators through a controlled valve, which helps maintain the flow of water into the tank. The water is then boiled by the heating element, which then produces the steam. As the pressure builds up, it flows through the pipe which is connected to the shower or room. You can install these generators 15 meters away from the shower or the room. Though these units are easy to handle, it is crucial to avail the services of a qualified electrician or plumber to place the generators precisely.

Portable Units for the Ayurvedic Treatments:

Portable steam bath generators are pretty helpful for ayurvedic treatments as it is one of the effective treatments for different diseases. These devices are easy to maintain and clean. Moreover, it is relatively inexpensive than installing other equipment.

It is important to lie down and keep the head cool to ensure safe and effective treatment in Ayurveda. This helps enhance the blood flow through the body. According to Ayurveda, heating treatment is critical in cleaning and detoxifying the body. It is not then advisable to heat the blood in the brain as it may trigger irritation and dizziness in one’s body.

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