Even if you are from Australia, you can’t help but be amazed with the gigantic and out-of-this-world buildings in the Middle East. United Arab Emirates’ Dubai has captured the imagination of the world after investing on luxurious and jaw-dropping hotels, gigantic malls, and incredible man-made islands. In the past several years, Dubai has become a hotspot for tourists from both outside and inside the Middle East. Because of the healthy tourism industry in the emirate, majority of Dubai’s revenues comes from its tourism sector. Needless to say, it took decades of hard work for the emirate to complete its magnificent buildings and attractions.

In the eyes of architects, engineers, and even mobile crane hire operators, nobody can deny the fact that Dubai has some of the most marvelous buildings in the world today. This article will list down some of the handful architectural and engineering feats in this part of the world.

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Arguably one of the most important of Dubai’s tourism is the Burj al Arab. This prestigious hotel’s claim to fame is that it is the only seven-star hotel in the world today. The Burj al Arab is not only world famous because of its exquisite and luxurious hotel features and services but because of its iconic structure. The structure’s architecture is plain unique as it takes the shape of a billowing ship, which never fails to baffle and amaze any tourist. Just imagine the tons of steel, countless number of man hours, fleet of cranes and mobile crane hire, and army of workers to get the job done – just amazing.

Dubai never fails to amaze tourists, and this has been proven with the magnificent BurjKhalifa. Currently listed as the world’s tallest tower, BurjKhalifa is one of the most visited and popular tourist attractions in Dubai today. Tourists can visit the tower’s “At The Top” viewing deck, which is advertised as the highest viewing point in the world. Tourists who had the opportunity to visit the viewing deck say that sight-seeing in “At The Top” should be the highlight of any person visiting the Middle East.

The imagination of Dubai’s people is something really extraordinary. Since Dubai is located in the middle of desert it never snows in the area, but who said you cannot ski in Dubai? Ski Dubai is the first ski resort in the Middle East, which make it an instant attraction for tourists visiting the Middle East. This mountain-themed ski resort is open all year round and is usually visited by people of all ages.

If you are a fan of dancing fountains, then The Dubai Fountains is a must-visit. Located at the ground of BurjKhalifa, The Dubai Fountains shoots water jets as high as 500 feet or as high as a 50-storey structure. The design of the fountain is nothing short of amazing. The fountain is 900 feet long and has five circles of different sizes and has two central arcs. Catching a dancing show at The Dubai Fountains is hard to miss as shows happen several times a day.

Imagine: several luxurious hotels and resorts packed in a man-made archipelago. Amazing, right? Amazing may be an understatement for the groundbreaking features of the Palm Jumeirah. This man-made archipelago has been known worldwide because of its incredible structure and landscape design, which take the image of a palm tree. The Palm Jumeirah is home to several hotels and resorts including The Fairmont Palm Hotel & Resort, and Atlantis, The Palm.

This Arab nation has spent billions and billions of dollars to complete these magnificent buildings and attractions. The feats of the architects and engineers are something any Sydney construction company or professional can look upon to.

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