As India is entering the golden age of Digitalisation, your daily life is being shaped by gadgets that you can carry along. These small yet powerful devices are critical in your everyday life to function smoothly. Hence, it is imperative to keep them safe and secured as much as possible. Besides, today’s smart gadgets and phones are not only expensive but also hold immense sensitive information.

With the rapid rise of e-banking and e-shopping portals in the nation, any damage to your personal gadgets could pose severe consequences. Thus, you must know how to protect them inside out and get a gadget insurance scheme for all-round coverage. 

Here are the top 5 tips to protect your gadgets –

  • Employ robust security measures

First, use a fingerprint or a retina scan screen-lock feature as these are quite difficult to crack. So, even if your smartphone or tab gets stolen, it will be difficult to crack open. Secondly, protect all of your sensitive data with 128 bit SQL based encryption process. Most modern-day smartphones come with this security feature in-built. Furthermore, download only those apps that are verified by Google Play Protect or Apple. Never use 3rd party apps on your mobile, especially if you conduct financial transactions. There are always chances of your data getting exposed to spam applications. 

Apart from that, use toughened covers and cases to protect your gadgets from drops and damages. You can opt for a gadget protection insurance policy to cover accidental loss or physical damages. Besides, if you use devices like smartwatches and bands – then avail Pocket Insurance schemes like a fitness wearables insurance policy offered by Bajaj Finserv that provides coverage against:

  • Breakdown
  • Accidental loss or theft
  • Physical damage like accident liquid spill
  • Install device locator

No matter what security measures you employ, you can never have complete peace of mind with your data compromised. Hence, turn on your gadget’s device locator at all times so that if your gadget gets stolen, you can remotely wipe all the sensitive data from its storage. 

  • Travel responsibly

If you are taking expensive gadgets like a smartphone, laptop or camera – carry them carefully. Take screen protectors, hardcover cases and surge protectors with you.

Avail a gadget insurance policy that covers any expense related to accidental damage, theft or loss of gadgets. A comprehensive Pocket Insurance scheme like baggage insurance policy offered by Bajaj Finserv offers coverage against –

  • Loss or damage of valuables like laptop, mobiles or jewellery
  • Wrong usage of electronic goods such as short-circuiting your mobile from a power surge
  • Damage of fragile materials like laptop and mobile screen, breakage of a camera lens
  • Consider availing a gadget insurance

Even if you follow all the tips mentioned above, unfortunately, mishaps can still occur. Keeping this in mind, it is recommended to invest in gadget insurance cover to make sure your portable gadgets are fully protected at all times. With a suitable insurance in place, even if your gadgets are stolen, damaged or lost – you would be handsomely compensated for the financial loss. 

Gadgets are an invaluable part of your everyday life, and it is up to you to safeguard them by following these tips. Have them insured for peace of mind when damaged, lost, or stolen. 

Opting for a small gadget insurance scheme in such cases is helpful to cover thefts and frauds or other misuses. You can consider availing a small gadgets insurance under Pocket Insurance products offered by Bajaj Finserv.  

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