When people first start out weightlifting in the gym they typically don’t get immediate results is this is often the reason that many people tend to give up pretty easily. Many of them are expecting immediate results after they start their workout program.

Trying to do twenty bicep curls four times each week is likely not to work well on many people and this is likely due to the fact that muscles don’t grow when they are being worked.

But, they only grow when they are at rest. What this means is that while bodybuilding and weightlifting go hand in hand, it also necessitates that the bodybuilder to work their muscles in the gym and couple that with sufficient amounts of time for recovery.

There are primarily four exercises, within the numerous exercises that comprise a compound movement in weightlifting.

What Is Compound Weightlifting?

These are exercises that call for the body to utilize more than one muscle in any type of exercise. the four primary, as well as most effective muscle building exercises, are bench presses, deadlifts, squats and shoulder presses (also called ‘military presses’).

The four of these compound movements, if executed correctly, will assist the individual in their bodybuilding and weightlifting efforts, and coupled with an appropriate diet and sufficient amounts of rest will provide excellent results for the bodybuilder.

Be Mindful Not To Overtrain

The person trying to complete a lot of exercises when doing a combination of bodybuilding and weightlifting sometimes will not show satisfactory results since, in this sport, the excess will not result in more muscle; instead and quite often, less is more.

In instances such as these overtraining can occur and some of the signs and symptoms of it are when a person becomes sick or gets a cold more often than is normal, becomes fatigued frequently, their eyelids and muscles begin to twitch, and most significant of all, there is little to no strength or gains in size for extended periods of time.

Overtraining symptoms such as these are a sign that the person should halt any workout activities and take at least a week off in the form of rest.

Bodybuilding and weightlifting are comprised of various workout routines and numerous exercises as well as the number of sets, how many reps per set, and other factors that the bodybuilder performs. Taking the workout and splitting it into two is what is known as a ‘workout split’ and needs to be scheduled for specific days of the week that are designated for specific muscles to be worked on. As noted in this type of exercise routine as well overtraining should be avoided.

One of three different things should typically be followed when creating a workout routine and splits. The individual should concentrate on working shoulders, triceps and chest on one day and then should do back and biceps exercises on another day to focus on those specific muscle groups.

This has the effect of not overtraining because you are separating the muscle groups worked on different days. Some bodybuilders adhere to the bodybuilding and weightlifting routines of chest and triceps on Mondays, shoulders on Thursdays and finally biceps and back on Fridays.

Bodybuilding and weightlifting involve an assortment of various exercises for each muscle group and there are numerous ways to split them so that you can make up a routine that suits you best. Muscle building along the lines of bodybuilding is not as easy as some would believe when first entering the sport.

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