When you create your own neon sign then you should be proud of yourself. If you keep aside sometime and do the best neon signs light, you have designed yourself with a fixture of designing which you are going to enjoy for coming years. The next task is to know where to hang them. Neon signs can be hung on surfaces of wall utilizing a hook or thumbtack. You also can hang then in windows by attaching hook to the window. The thing is to discover a place where it shows most impact and shown specially. Always plan ahead before hanging the neon sign on something a wall surface or a window.

What are the places to hang a neon sign?

You can find many places to hang the best neon signs in your home, office, or restaurant.

  • When you design a neon sign in your favourite shape or word, it is the funnier way to celebrate your foodie inside and it should be hung based on that. Make it such that it represents the shape of your favourite food. Hanging in the kitchen of dining room is the best place to hang neon sign.
  • Your created neon sign should belong nearer to your house bar or where you put the glassware and bottles. When it is the right time at your happy hour in your house, illuminate them to represent the atmosphere of festival.
  • Your made neon sign can be amazing and attractive piece for your apartment or house. Mainly it complements the design theme which is already existing. For an instance, if you designed your room with particular colour schemes then use the EL wire in the similar colours. Later hang it near your furnishings and simple coloured items.
  •  The neon sign that you made is your motivational message or name, the best place to hang it is in your living room or bedroom. The neon sign will not only look as great one but can offer inspiration to motivate you in your day. It is also better to hang it welcoming you near the entrance ways.
  • Plan to gift your made neon sign to your friend or loved one for their birthday as the best gift. Put the mindset as thoughtful and ensure to pack your neon sign with care in a gift bag. Keep in mind to put batteries and hooks to make themselves hang in their home or office.
  • If you are the owner of restaurant or shop, hang the neon sign in the windows or on the wall so that your customers will look at it when they enter your shop or restaurant. The office workers prefer to hang it in their cubicle or personal office to maintain motivation or touch of their personality.

Thus, these are some ways to hang a neon sign and add it as a master piece to your home or office decoration.

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