Many individuals, specifically who live in tiny apartments, consider renting a storage unit so that they do not have to permanently get rid of precious yet additional belongings. Instead of simply dumping, it would be much better if they spend enough time and put substantial amounts of effort in packing. Well, I have jotted down a few essential tips, which might help. Readers must check them out right away.


  • Wipe outer surfaces of furniture thoroughly with any renowned cleaning solution or simple vinegar for removing accumulated dirt and dust.
  • Disassemble larger pieces such as tables, cupboards, bed, etc. otherwise safety might be compromised. Keep fastening elements in sealed plastic bags.
  • Protect legs of furniture by covering them in a bubble wrap or foam sheets. Thick cardboard could be used for extra delicate areas.
  • Use space inside furniture to the fullest. For example, keep smaller things in drawers, wardrobes, and dressers.


  • Sensitive electronic equipment must be wrapped tightly with a neat packing paper and then add anti-static bubble wrap for more protection.
  • It is better to keep electronic items such as microwave, vacuum cleaner, television, washing machine, computer, refrigerator, etc. in their original packing boxes.
  • Fill empty spaces inside a packing box (if any) with paper or foam peanuts. This would ensure immobility.
  • Seal boxes carefully and allow no moisture or filth to enter.


  • Simple hand tools like pliers, wrenches, and screwdrivers must be placed inside an extremely durable toolbox.
  • Cover sharper edges with bubble wrap to prevent unnecessary accidents.
  • Clean garden tools especially those with extended handlesand then cluster them inside a thick blanket.
  • Drain fuel from gas-operated tools prior to packing them for storage.


  • According to highly efficient and adequately experienced professionals working in top moving companies, clothes must be hanged in garment bags or wardrobe boxes. Doing so would keep them free of wrinkles and dust as well as keep mold at bay. Now isn’t that absolutely amazing?
  • Voluminous outfits like coats and winter jackets should be kept in vacuum sealed bags. Apart from obviously offering protection to a great extent, vacuum bags would effectually shrink size of clothing making storage quite easy.


  • Books must be completely dry. To remove dampness, leave books inside a sunny room for some days or turn the humidifier on.
  • Wrap books in leather covers or soft packing papers so that utmost protection is guaranteed.
  • Remember to arrange books flat inside cardboard boxes so that their spine is not damaged under any circumstance.
  • Tape sides of boxes so that moisture or dust cannot get inside.

Fragile Items

  • Pack fragile items like mirrors, glass utensils, vases, etc. individually in packing paper.
  • Add many sheets of bubble wrap so that they do break when moved or kept.
  • Line bases of each box with soft fabrics or crumpled paper. This would absorb shocks. Fill any spaces left with the same.

Taking all tips specified above into account would surely let modern-day individuals pack all items seamlessly in absolutely no time. Now as there is a wide range of options readily available, they must also choose a facility with caution. According to studies, the owners offering self storage in Miami are ideal because they promise security, ample space, 24/7 accessibility, and climate-controlled feature for an affordable price.

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