It’s important to learn from the best – and the best mushroom farms make sure to frequently invest in modern, advanced equipment that allows them to achieve higher productivity and profitability. Such equipment reduces labor costs and maintenance costs, requires less of employees’ time and makes their job much easier.

In this article we will discuss in detail the answer to one very important question, which is how can good quality mushroom farm equipment raise the farm’s earnings. It’s something that every mushroom farm owner should know.

Mushroom picking lorries

Mushroom picking lorries can differ in efficiency. Therefore, it’s best to invest in those that are as ergonomic and modern as possible. Advanced, innovative design solutions, such as introducing more automation, can vastly increase the speed of the mushroom picking and, in result, the efficiency and size of the harvest. Lorries’ quality and construction solutions used in them can allow for higher yield, at the same time reducing the necessary employee amount and time. Safety is also a very important factor to consider while choosing mushroom picking lorries. High quality lorries are a good choice because they ensure safety without compromising efficiency.

Mushroom farm lamps

Traditional lamps, that can perform well in office spaces or private homes, may not be appropriate for mushroom farms. Room evaporation, which is a form of disinfection that is commonly used in such farms, may be detrimental to any lamps that do not meet the waterproofing requirement (IP68). Special mushroom farm lamps do meet this requirement, but ordinary lamps in many cases do not. Choosing the right lamps allows them to work smoothly for a long time, without them breaking and the need for buying new ones arising.

Mushroom growing shelving

Mushroom growing shelving, to be efficient and have long service life, needs to be made of durable material that is resistant to mechanical damage. Aluminum is a material that meets those criteria, which makes aluminum shelves a good choice for mushroom farms. They have very long service life, which means that once we buy them, we won’t need to worry about servicing or replacing them for many years to come. What’s also important, aluminum shelves reflect light, and better light diffusion positively affects quality of the crop and its harvesting speed. One other thing to consider while choosing mushroom growing shelving is its dimensions.

Growing nets

At the beginning of the mushroom cultivation cycle (which is finite and usually takes about 4 to 5 weeks), substrate needs to be pulled onto the shelves, and then, after usage, it needs to be pulled out. Special growing nets are used for this purpose. Investing in good growing needs is important, as the most durable and high-quality ones can last for up to 15 years, because they don’t narrow and don’t get easily damaged. Meanwhile, cheap nets have to be replaced very often, which brings up both the equipment costs and the labor costs.

Mushroom scales

Low quality, cheap mushroom scales also usually have a short service life. They need to be frequently replaced, either because of damage to the mechanics or to the electronics. In comparison, high quality scales, which aren’t much more expensive, have a much longer service life and also come with a two-year manufacturer guarantee, which ensures help in case of any issues arising.

It’s worth to note that there’s an alternative to cheap scales that require frequent charging in the form of battery-powered scales. Batteries in such scales don’t need to be constantly replaced (only one every few months), which not only allows us to save on electricity, but also on labor costs, as the employees don’t have to always make sure to charge the scale. Such scales are more durable (as there’s no charging cable to be damaged) and are very portable – they can be used anywhere without a problem and can be easily transported.

Mushroom farm climate control

Investing in good mushroom farm climate control system is crucial for number of reasons. Not only such systems provide a great deal of safety and have a small system failure rate, they also can cause higher yields and ensure homogeneity of harvesting. High quality systems are also easy to use and very cost effective. In the long run, they allow to save a lot of money, as, because of effective climate control, heating, cooling and ventilation costs go down – without compromising the quality of the mushroom, which is also very important.

Mushroom picking knives

There is barely any difference between the cost of a low-quality mushroom picking knife and a high quality one. Because of that, it’s not worth it to choose a cheap one. High quality knives will be more cost efficient in the long run, as they will not have to be replaced as frequently. Thanks to better materials used, their blades won’t dull and the handles will also withstand long usage without any issues.

Watering system

Mushrooms need to be optimally watered through all of their growing period to ensure the highest quality of the mushrooms and the highest yields. Therefore, a high-quality automated watering system mounted under the shelves of the shelving is a necessity in any modern, profitable mushroom farm. Such systems are very technologically advanced, which means that they don’t need much in the way of human intervention – they are controlled by a special controller and a computer. To make their usage even more convenient, there’s possibility of remote control directly from a smartphone or an iPad screen. It’s a great alternative for more antiquated watering systems, such as “watering trees”, that generate much higher labor costs, take up a lot of employees’ time and are less precise (which can affect the homogeneity of the harvest).

Growing tunnel covers

If growing tunnel covers are expected to have long service life (up to between 10 to 15 years), they need to be made from high quality, durable material. Such material is resistant to hole formation, harsh atmospheric conditions and other issues that can seriously compromise the effectiveness of cheaper, lower quality growing tunnel covers.

Good quality mushroom farm equipment can significantly raise the farm’s earning because it allows for more mushrooms to be picked in a shorter period of time. What’s also important, thanks to such equipment, labor costs and other fixed costs can be vastly reduced, all while raising productivity and maintaining smooth farm operation.

Above all, mushroom farm equipment should be made from durable, high quality material and meet all of the relevant technical standards. Only equipment that can be described in this way can have a visible positive impact on the farm’s earnings. It should be bought from an experienced manufacturer that values innovation, such as GROWTIME. GROWTIME’s products are of excellent quality, which paves the way for cost reduction and higher productivity.

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