Grief and pain – they are just normal reactions to a great loss or death. Losing someone could be painful. People often find it too difficult to accept the fact that their loved one is no more. But no matter how hard the truth is, you have to accept it sooner or later. Honouring your loved one after their death can be a therapeutic process for you and other family members. It will help you accept the truth that your loved one is no more.

If you ask how to honour a deceased person who had been dear to you, here are some great ways for you. Friends and families of the deceased often choose the following ways to pay tribute to their loved one.

Honouring Your Deceased Parent

Our parents play an important role in our physical, mental, financial, social, and career development. They are the most valuable gift for us. Losing them could be so painful that it cannot be described in words. Did you lose your parents recently? You could honour them in the following ways, and thus you could treasure their memory.

  1. Getting Tattoos with Their names

There is no other way better than tattooing when it comes to treasuring someone’s memory or paying tribute to a deceased person. To keep your parents’ memories alive, you can get tattoos with their names. When you look at the tattoo design, you will feel like your parents are always with you, even if they passed away.

Whether you get a memorial tattoo or cosmetic eyebrow tattoo in the Gold Coast or any of your nearby locations, make sure you conduct thorough research before getting inked. Tattoo shops with a clean and sterilized environment and professional artists are the safest places to get inked.

  • Framing Their Handwritten Letter or Poem

One of the best ways to cherish your parents’ sweet memories is to frame their poems, letter, or anything; they once wrote for you. Use a special frame so that it captivates the attention of people. Whenever you look at it, you will remember the sweet moments when they gifted that poem or letter to you on some special day. It could be your birthday or any other day.

  • Saving a Seat for Them

A great way to show respect for your deceased parents is to save a seat for them at special events or gatherings, at least for some time. When you do so, you will feel like they are always with you.

Honouring a Partner

Accepting a partner’s death is one of the toughest things to do. No matter how hard it is, you need to do it and move on in life. Here are some ways you can choose to pay tribute to your deceased spouse or partner:

  • Composing a special song
  • Planting a tree in his or her name
  • Dedicating a special event to his or her memory

Your acts of remembrance are the best ways to express your love, respect, and gratitude to your dear one, who is no more today. Among the mentioned ways, tattooing is indeed a great way to treasure memory.

In case you wonder about tattoo prices in the Gold Coast or other locations near you, feel free to consult professional artists in reliable studios. Tattoo prices are variable, and this is why; it would be great if you consult experienced artists beforehand. 

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