Pearls are one of the beautiful gems which can match any outfit or occasion.Oyster is the animal responsible for making these beautiful round gems. These are formed under certain conditions. A little deviation can lead to foaming. Manufacturers also dye the pearls to give them different colors.Many farmers cultivate oysters by creating the conditions needed for them to create a pearl. They take extra care to ensure minimum damage to oyster production.

How are pearls created?

  • Normally when an unwanted particle enters the oyster, it makes it uncomfortable. To ease it oyster secrets a compound called calcium carbonate.
  •  The calcium carbonate entraps the particle, making it impossible for the particle to escape.
  • When the calcium hardens, it turns into a round and luster material we call a pearl.

A pearl can cost ranging from $50 to $2000 or even higher. Pearl ring and necklace are some of the beautiful jewelry created from them.

Other kinds of natural pearl

Once every 10000 oysters; there is a chance for an oyster to have a different kind of pearl. These pearls can be black or grey. Producing black and grey pearls is very difficult, even for a professional farmer. It needs the perfect condition and luck to create one of these.

  • These different kinds of natural pearls are found in another type of oyster called the Tahitian black-lipped Pinctada margaritifera.
  • These oysters have a black strip inside them. During the secretion of the calcium carbonate if the strip is near, then the compound will absorb the color black. This results in a natural black pearl.
  • Grey pearls are also created in the same way. Instead of being in direct contact with the strip, the pearl needs to be in a position where it can absorb both the black and the white color.
  • The mixture of these two primary colors produces the grey pearl. Though all these colors and many more can be created artificially, yet the luster and smoothness of the natural pearl remain absent.

Therefore, from the above we can understand that artificial pearls cannot replace the artificial ones.

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