India is a country where all the features of a continent are seen. So India, along with its nearby countries, is called as Indian subcontinent. Like a continent within a continent. People have been visiting India for ages and have been very exciting places to visit at least once in a lifetime.  Northeast India is a place of mountains, cold airs, dense green forest and soothing views that make every person stay there forever. North East is a land of undulating hills and plains with a green cover and an indulging variety of rare and exotic flora and fauna. Many people don’t know the places to visit while visiting these places and within the time limits doesn’t allow you to visit all the laces that the internet shows you. A better option that is left with you is to go for tourism packages that provide you within your budget and takes care of your traveling, staying, eating, etc.

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Northeast India consists of eight states and has some real fun, surprises and love for the travellers and the tourists.

  • Manipur: – A state of rich and ancient tradition and culture. It is the birthplace of Classical and folk dances Raas Leela. It is a little paradise on Earth and has a sublime natural beauty with ranges of bluish green hills intertwined.
  • Meghalaya: – It is one of the most beautiful states in the whole country. Its capital, Shillong, is called Scotland of the East. With exciting heavy rains and natural spots that indulge with your heart.
  • Mizoram: – The jewel of India, also known as the land of the hill people. It has a rich culture and art forms with hills that soothes the eyes of any man along with the famous National Parks.
  • Nagaland: – The land of festivals puts up exciting festivals for the tourists visiting the land. Dance forms and the valleys are world famous and worth a visit.
  • Sikkim: – It is one of the smallest states in India, but the beauty of snow and tea is magnificent. It is starting at the footstep of the Himalayan range. It is a state of Sikkimese monarchy, snow hills, and the great Himalayan Mountains.
  • Tripura: – It was ruled by the Tripuri dynasty for centuries and was an independent princely state. It is a place of carved, architecture and the nature that indulges with the person’s life.
  • Arunachal Pradesh: – It is a land of down lit Mountains and is famous for the orchids and the literature. It is placed with many historical monuments and archaeological remains that still bear this rich cultural heritage.
  • Assam: – The land of red rivers and blue hills is located at the eastern Himalayas and comprises with the Brahmaputra valley and valleys with natural beauty and horizon broken hills of Karbi angling.

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A place with such beauty can only be seen with a guide who knows what to see and when. The best way is to pick a North East Tour Packages and go into nature and indulge you in it. Always pick the package that suits your budget and gives you the maximum benefits with it. Also, check that it shows you with different exciting spots that you wish to see and paid them for.

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