The end of the year is approaching; it’s time to think about your business gifts. In a difficult economic context where competition is becoming stronger, it is more important than ever to build customer loyalty, reward good customers and attract new ones. Advertising items or simple gifts, presents For this reason, businesses hold a vital role and make it possible to send strong signals to the people to whom you offer them.

Classic Gifts:

If you have any doubt about what you could offer, let yourself be persuaded by gifts that have already been proven: bottle of wine, chocolates, flowers, gourmet baskets, champagne bottles, diaries, pens, ornaments. These are sure values ‚Äč‚Äčthat always please the holidays.

However, to differentiate you from other companies, bet on the originality of the design, the quality of products or the prestige of the brand.

Another Option: Customizable Products:

Adorned with the name and logo of your company, they are a way to communicate about your brand.There too, you have the embarrassment of the choice side supports.

Favor the useful objects everyday so that your recipients have them as often as possible under the eyes: diaries, notebooks, mouse pads, calendars, mugs, USB keys.

Think also about custom high tech gifts items: optical mice, webcams, digital photo frames, GPS tracker and other MP3 players will appeal to techies.

When not knowing the Taste of your Customer:

  • Place to gift boxes.
  • Different amounts, they leave the choice of the activity to those who receive them.
  • A gastronomic invitation also allows offering a large table for 2 from a selection throughout USA.
  • What to delight all gourmets.

Offering a gift is also a golden opportunity to stand out and surprise your customers in a positive way. It would help you to create a long term with your customer.

Arrange an Event to celebrate your Customers:

Be careful not to fall into the side too eccentric: a bungee jump from the top of a bridge may not be to everyone’s taste.

Otherwise, in these times a little stressful and uncertain, Zen is in the spotlight.

Massage, spa, week-end can be good choice of gifts. Do not hesitate to offer a gift in the form of a moment of relaxation to relax your customers or suppliers. They will have the impression of being “pampered”, that you take care of they are concerned about their health and their morale.

Do you hesitate in front of the many customizable items?

Offer organic and natural business gifts.It is a way to differentiate itself by conveying a communication focused on sustainable development: organic seeds, depolluting plants, clover with 4 leaves, gardens kit. Ideas are not lacking on the internet.

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