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Saree is a garment which is worn by mostly Indian women. It represents Indian women in the most traditional sense. As difficult it might seem to wear a saree, it is the most comfortable and graceful wear compared to any garment or clothing in the world. A saree consists of one very long piece of fabric that’s wrapped around the body and draped over the shoulder, and garments worn underneath, including a short-sleeved blouse. The style and fabric of a designer saree, as well as the way it’s worn, varies between different regions and traditions.

A saree looks graceful on every age of women, they gives you that extra comfort and elegance. Saree is used as a daily wear, party wear, weddings and even at funerals. A saree comes in various designs and pattern, saree has been on the fashion scene since ages now but with changing times you get to see changing styles also so a saree never goes out of fashion as it comes in various new styles let us explore some of them

Banarsi silk saree

Banarsi silk saree is a must have in every women’s wardrode. They are made in Vanaras, UP there is where it gets the name. Art is something which can be related to a banarsisaree, they comes in various different color and their texture makes them the must have for everyone.


Bandhanisarees are from Gujrat. Bandhanisaree’s are very high on colors and they are made with a special technique of tying knots which keeps the colors from spreading.


The Chanderisaree is a mix of simplicity and style with its lightweight fabric and pretty borders


Phulkari means flower work. This saree basically originated from Punjab. To make a Phulkarisaree fabrics like khadi or cotton are embroidered with a floss silk thread. These are very bright coloured and makes you look very vibrant and stylish.

So, Saree comes in various different styles and the styles keeps changing so keep a tab on your fashion and always be saree ready

Readymade Blouse

Blouse is something without which a saree is incomplete. Blouse or Choli is generallycropped at waist, fitted to cover the upper body, when wearing a saree or lehenga.

Why to waste your energy and time in buying the fabric getting it to the tailor and then waiting for it to get stitched, after that also almost all the time the fitting is not perfect and then the tailor has only few ideas for the design of the blouse and you have to compromise according to him. Buy a blouse which is readymade and even better buy it online where you get to see the design and pattern. In a readymade blouse you get to see the pattern and design before hand and not just in your imagination. You can even try and buy the perfect size for yourself and match it according to your clothing.

So, next time buy a readymade blouse and save the hassle related to getting the blouse stitched.

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