Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms in the world today. The best part of this platform is it is easy to download and use. This photo-sharing platform helps you to stay in touch with your friends and family. Moreover, if you are a business owner, you can use Instagram to sell your products and services easily as well.

Tatiana Kukanova – How can you become popular on Instagram and get more followers?

Tatiana Kukanova is a popular Instagram celebrity, and she says that when you want to be an Instagram influencer, you need first to pick the niche you are interested in. For instance, if you love to travel to new places, you should make travel your niche. The same also applies to someone who loves makeup; she should choose the beauty niche in order to reach out and connect with the targeted audience. Once you have decided on which niche you would like to become an influencer in, you should create a business account on Instagram.

Working on your business Instagram account – Make it appealing

When you have created your business account on Instagram, upload a good resolution photograph of yourself, and write a good Instagram bio. You need to insert the link to your business website in the bio as space will not allow you to write much about yourself. Make sure you insert your website link so that followers are able to contact you.

Focus on the right aesthetics for Instagram

Note, Instagram is a photo-sharing platform, and so visuals play a crucial role in promoting your message to your targeted audience. Ensure, you choose the right Instagram theme for your account. When you upload pictures on your Instagram profile, ensure you use uniform photo filters for them. Uniformity plays an integral role when it comes to reaching out and connecting with your targeted audience.

Reflect the brand and the voice of your Instagram profile with the right hashtags

When you wish to connect with the targeted audience, you need to make use of good captions for every post. These captions will reflect the voice as well as the brand of your Instagram account. When you are choosing hashtags, you should ensure they are relevant to the business niche you are promoting. If you are not sure about the right hashtags to use, you may visit Instagram profiles of influencers in your niche and check them out.

Tatiana Kukanova sums up by saying you should plan and schedule your posts beforehand. Note that in order to become an Instagram influencer, you need to put in consistent effort. No one can become a celebrity overnight. Remember, you should post content that is relevant to your business niche and interact with the targeted audience regularly. Always reply to their comments and feedback. Interaction with your followers will help you gain popularity, and word-of-mouth will start spreading. Ensure you post good quality images regularly and use the Instagram Live and Instagram Story feature too!

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