A wedding is an auspicious occasion where two people or you can say two sous make promise to stay with each other. It’s a turning point of life and a new phase of life starts with the wedding. To start this phase of life people, plan a lot and make this occasion a grand one. Rich people in the society to their weddings in a grand way. You can also say wedding ceremony totally depends on the money you have and to cover this wedding you have photographers and videographers. They make your wedding those events, which you won’t forget ever. They create memories in a way that you always love them. From portraits shoots to drone videography wedding photography is on some next level now. They come with different packages and in different style. You just have to choose the right one.

Wedding photography packages

Wedding photography is not of one type. It depends on factors like quality and content. There are many wedding photographers in the market but Diamante wedding is one that provides you the best budgetary options. They have teams that will discuss with you about their different packages.

Most companies in the market, what they do are that they compromise in quality when they reduce the amount. They will send less trained photographers and will use low quality cameras with lesser equipment whereas Diamante does not believe in such fraudulent things. They will not ever compromise in the quality. Wedding Photography Packages depend on the equipment’s like drone shots, cranes and more. If you choose a magazine over cloud storage, it will be costlier.  In peak season, they have a lot of discounts also and they never sacrifice in quality and making their customers satisfies. That is the reason they are number one across Ireland.

Kinds of packages:

Traditional still photography: There is one type of photography that is traditional and is there since a long time or you can say since the inception of cameras. In traditional stills, photographer will click stills of the events. He will cover things happening in a planned way and people can see what is happening. It’s not like candid and if you choose only traditional stills then the price is comparatively cheaper. In traditional stills, People do portrait shoots and more.

Candid photography: This is not a new thing but has been polished recently. In candid, photographer gets very lesser time to click a picture, as the frame he may imagine won’t be there for a longer time. Candid pictures are very smooth and appealing. People like candid a lot as it’s more natural and only skilled and professional people can take good candid.

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