Thomas Vu Riot Game is a very popular developer of the best video games of different genres. They have come up with some of the most amazing and interesting games which have become extremely popular among the video game lovers. Being established in the year 2006, within a very quick time this company has become one of the most significant game developers in the market.

Why Riot Game:

Thomas Vu Riot Game comes up with some of the best games from different genres. Do you love to play action or adventure games? Then you will get some of the best options like League of Legends, Legends of Runeterra, Project F, Project L and many other games from them. On the other hand if you like to go for the sport games then also there are some of the most lucrative options like Esports Manager is waiting for you.

These video game company also comes up with some of the other attractive genres of the game like Arcade, Fighting, MMO, tactical, simulation, shooter and many others. So, you are surely going to get your favorite game from them.

Play the video games in any platform:

One of the best things you will get from Riot Game is that you can play those games in any platform and in any device. Most of the games will support your mobile device because it can be run through any operation system like Android, Windows or iOS. There are certain games which you may also enjoy in the video game stations. This is why, most of the people become able to play most of the video games launched by this company.

Who is Thomas Vu?

Thomas Vu is actually the director of Riot Game. He is considered to be one of the most efficient game developer. He has also worked in the Project Management team of this company. He has skills for the creative planning of the various video games. Apart from that he has lead various teams in this company who have come up with some of the best games.

Arrangement of E-sports:

Apart from launching the best video games in the market, this video game companies also arrange for the e-sport events in the various parts of the world. There are more than hundred teams playing in these events.

There are various regional events which are played now a day. Once you win the regional events you get the championship points which help you to get a chance for playing the international competitions which are arranged by the company.

If you don’t participate in the e-sports events but want to see the contests played in the international competitions then you can go for the broadcasting of those competitions done by Riot Game. Within a very short time this company have made their broadcasting very much popular and you can earn a handsome money if you are a share holder of their broadcasting.


Thomas Vu Riot Game is considered to be one of the most fascinating game developer who comes up with some of the most lucrative games from variety of genres. Apart from developing the best quality video games, they also come up with some of the best e-sport events in which people from all over the world participate. They also arrange international competitions.

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