Chocolate refers to the favourite sweet delight in the world. People all over the world (but mainly in Europe and the United States) eat more than 3 million tons of cocoa beans a year, as per the record of the World Cocoa Foundation. And, not only does eating chocolate make peoples feel good, but it can also be useful for the human heart and brain. So people love to give chocolates as a gift to their loved ones. In this modern world, people can send chocolates online with the help of various websites.

Major types of chocolate

1. Chocolate without sugar: – Made from 100% bitter cocoa liquor, unless mixed with other ingredients.

2. Chocolate bittersweet, semi-sweet or dark: – Dark chocolate cannot contain milk powder and must have 35% cocoa solids. Bittersweet and semi-sweet are the same and differ according to the percentage of sugar.

3. Milk chocolate: – Smallest amount means 10% chocolate liquor and 12% milk solids. It also has extra sugar than dark or semisweet.

4. White chocolate: – it’s not chocolate since it made of cocoa butter, sugar and flavourings.

5. Cocoa crush: – A crushed and ground solid that remains after removing the cocoa butter from the chocolate liquor. Cocoa powder is typically sugar-free.

Importance of chocolate

1. People eat a lot

For many years, people ate chocolate for its stimulating characteristics: it increased energy, stimulated sexual desire and generally gave enthusiasm to life.

Now, the majority of people usually eat it because it tastes excellent.

Any country eats about 12 pounds of chocolate per year, which is not among the top 10 for global consumption. In 2001, a specific country consumed 3 billion pounds of things, which totalled about $ 13 billion in sales. (In comparison, the sale of all other items of candies without chocolate in 2001 was $ 7.6 billion).

Chocolate is a frequent snack. Almost 70% of chocolate consumes between meal.

2. Effect the human mood

Chocolate can have effects on the mood of people. Most chocolates are consumed in the winter, suggesting that people often use it as a means to beat seasonal blues. Chocolate can also get better cognitive performance, according to some studies.

3. Antioxidant substance

Traditional chocolate is the most intense sources of natural antioxidant plant compounds, refer as flavonoids. Cocoa products represent a significant proportion of flavonoid intake in Western countries. The flavonoids are sour and astringent that’s why the majority of companies add sugar and milk fat unluckily, these “additions”, with other processing methods, can slow down the absorption of flavonoids.

The taste of chocolate varies according to the ingredients used and the way it prepares. Real chocolate made from cocoa and its main components include cocoa butter and, in various cases, up to 5% vegetable fat. Compound chocolate will have a smaller amount of cocoa and more than 5% vegetable fat than real chocolate and, therefore, does not have similar excellent qualities. Chocolate and cocoa powder comes from dried seeds that locate in the pods of the cacao tree. The production of chocolate is a complex process that begins with the crop of the cacao trees. Approximately no one in this world doesn’t like the chocolates, so everyone prefers to give the chocolates as a gift. Almost all online bakery websites offer the chocolate gifts delivered option with their self.

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