TED (Technology, Entertainment, and Design) is a global set of conferences that lets people belonging from different career backgrounds come up and share their stories under the slogan ‘ideas worth sharing’.

There is nothing more inspiring than a TED Talk by anyone giving you the boost you need in life and encouraging you to take that one more step to plunge on the road to success and self-achievement. The feeling these talks leave you with when they are over is indescribable. It is like a magical Pixie dust which can only be felt but not touched. Some of the talks which give you the inspiration you need as a marketer have been jotted down which you should definitely watch to get the inspiration you should have to get started. These experts have shared their stories that can help you build a wall of success and up level your designing, better user experience, and brand building. Aimhike As a digital marketing agency, these talks were a major inspiration for us and we likewise suggest you to binge watch them all in a single go.

  1. Malcolm Gladwell: Choice, Happiness and Spaghetti sauce

Malcolm Gladwell, though an outsider to the world of marketing, delivered a talk that was much required both by TED talks and the marketing world. His excellent ability to transform any technical strategy and present it as an engaging story made the entire talk more interesting to be heard. Malcolm Gladwell explained how important it is to use data-driven buyer personas to be able to deliver the best possible value to the customers. Additional to it, he said that companies often fear to diversify the value they offer for it might hurt the name of their brand but that is not the case always. This often helps companies to find undiscovered market share which is definitely worth the diversification in the value.

  1. Sheena Iyengar: How to make choosing easier

As a SEO agency in Pakistan, we know it pretty well how it is like for customers having to choose from a pool of options. Everyday consumers face the situation of having to choose from a puddle of more than 70 choices and this is completely insane. When marketers keep adding to their pile of decisions, they are in fact making the arena of choice for the customers even wider which makes everything even more complicated. Sheena Iyengar in her TED talk, tells the listeners about her ride through her research of decision overload and presents 4 handy techniques to help any business narrow down their focus and make the presentation of their options easier.

  1. Life Lessons from an Ad Man

It is always fun and more productive to learn from those individuals who have this unique and rare ability to entertain and educate simultaneously. And Rory Sutherland is one of those lucky chaps to possess this ability. Sutherland, Ogilvy Ad man, delivered the entire talk in a rather amusing way and the listeners had a bit too much to learn from him. Anyway, he focused on the ‘real’ value against the perceived value. According to the Ad man people can achieve the similar amount of satisfaction from a change in the perceived value of something as they can, from the real value of it. He relates this idea to the idea of happiness in our daily lives. His speech is a brilliant piece of advice for the marketers with a pinch of amusement along the way.

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