Instagram has more than one billion users with high engagement levels. As a business, you’ll need to position yourself effectively to enjoy this wide market.

But for this to happen, you’ll need to establish your credibility on the platform. Do this by boosting your Instagram followers. You can either purchase or get free followers Instagram by following these growth tips.

1. Consistently Post Quality Content

People love the quality, motivating and captivating content. The higher the quality of your posts, the bigger the engagement.

But this doesn’t mean that you post once or twice in a week. No. your visitors need consistency. That’s why you should post at least once or twice in a day.

By posting more quality content in a day, you’ll be attracting more likes, comments, and shares. This engagement is the basis for gaining more followers.

But don’t overdo it. Start with a maximum of two posts and gradually increase them as your account grows. In doing this, you’ll be able to determine what your target audience adores and what they loathe.

Plus with the Instagram algorithm, consistency is key in determining what appears on the newsfeed. If your content is good, people will engage on it more. With this, it’ll appear on top of your Instafollowers feed.

2. Use Quality Hashtags

The right hashtags are quite important on social media and more so on Instagram. The right location and hashtags can expose your posts and content to a larger target audience. And the good thing, Instagram users won’t get the same fatigue as they would on other networks.

With its popularity, it’s much possible to follow a specific hashtag now. Even better, you can use as many as 30 hashtags in a post. But a maximum of nine seems to get the highest engagement.

Be careful. Don’t just use any hashtag that comes your way. Choose a quality hashtag that’s relevant to your niche. If not, try and create your own hashtag.

3. Share User Generated Content

As an enterprise, you need to embrace and appreciate the use of user-generated content. By how does this work?

You can identify a hashtag that shares the experience of your users while still giving them credit. The hashtag helps open up a variety of content options for your site.

Other than increasing the number of followers on your page, UGC also increases the conversion rate. People who follow you are more likely to become your customers.

4. Collaborate With Others

Collaborating with others helps boost your reach and growth. There are different ways to do this: either through sponsorship or partnership.

Here, you may choose to partner with a different Instagram user and take up each other’s stories.

Doing so helps you offer value to your current followers and expand your audience to new followers. The good thing, you don’t need any money to do this.

But if you have money for social media marketing, then consider the use of an influencer marketer.

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