Well, as a dynamic developer you would wish that your mobile app is seen to millions. But it isn’t easy as it sounds. Literally, it is one of the knottiest tasks to reach to. After all, their strategies shouldn’t involve more bucks for the promotion. Do you wish to create a lot of buzz about your newly developed mobile application? Before you think of some other tricks and plots, what if the recent survey tells that the best way to market your app is through social media?  It does not make sense to pay advertising dollars to get customers because the cost of a customer acquisition is never lower than the price of the app. Mobile App Development has been increasingly difficult for entrepreneurs/developers as the promotion part is where they gets cold in the winter.

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“Out of 92% marketers who used social media in their business, 80% proved a profitable and notable increase in traffic. With over 1.5 million apps in Android and Apple store, it can be difficult knowing where to start.”

Mobile marketing has truly attained a stage where social media marketing is slowly immersing into it. The combination leads to an immense gain for the developers as the app reaches to more and more users. It is an acknowledged fact that social media helps you reach a much wider, sharply targeted audience. This aspect of app marketing especially helps developers who are on a tight budget but it can go counter-productive if you do not handle it right. Here are 7 options for mobile app promotion through social networking.

  1. Dealing with the Pioneer
  • The most popular social network in existence today, Facebook has 1.28 billion active monthly users, offers you a single platform to interact with a variety of users from all over the globe.
  • Primarily, you need to have the strong presence on Facebook.
  • Secondary part begins when you become available to your audience and keep in constant touch with them.
  • Then, when it’s time to launch the mobile app, bifurcate the process into-Pre-Promote and Post-Promote.
  • Facebook is not just social media but a business platform. If you learn how to deal with it, the rest will be assured.
  1. Being Human
  • Social Media is all about ‘Human Interaction’, not “getting famous” for its own sake.
  • Even if you’re not a natural wordsmith, don’t be robotic using exaggerated words andlook unnatural. Social media success often goes to people who are good at “being real” rather than being a silver-tongued spokesperson.
  • Just be yourself. They want to know how passionate and generous you are to your audience by promptly responding to their questions in service of creating better apps for your customers.
  1. The King
  • Content is King.Create lots of promotional content for your mobile application such that it can be shared across all social media networks.
  • Make interesting content that tends to stick in people’s minds.
  • Write an awesome blog post on your app and share it via Twitter, Facebook, Quora, Reddit, HackerNews, and Google+.
  • Additionally, make a video describing your mobile app. After all, they chose to “Like” your page for a reason.
  1. Tweet Tweet
  • Second most addicted social network, Twitter gives you access to 255 million active monthly users.
  • Not only that, Twitter is also employed by customers as a sort of feedback platform, as also one to contact you in case they have queries and issues with your app.
  • Using the right words to present your app to your potential customers why your app is special and how it would help them better than all the other apps in that particular category, is a major part of app marketing. If they are satisfied, they will mention and recommend your app in their own tweets.
  1. Entice by Incentives
  • Your users are the ones responsible for the ultimate success of your app in the marketplace.
  • First of all, Rewards will not work if your app does not meet the basic quality standards.
  • Engage users, ask them questions, request them to participate in your surveys, ask your users to review and rate your app online. Then, reward users for connecting with your product.
  • The chance of being rewarded for talking about you will encourage them to spread the news of your app by way of word of mouth.
  • The additional audience that you get from users on social media is valuable and get them talking about your app to their friends and acquaintances.
  • Remember that you still need to be spontaneous with your engagement and responses to app support issues. Nowadays, users are more likely to give you feedback via social media app so make sure you are responsive.
  1. Instantly Instagram & Gripping Google+
  • Instagram enjoys 200 million active monthly users. It is one of the fastest growing social
  • networks which caught the rocket speed in attracting the users.
  • Where else will you promote your mobile app if you are told that it is the child of Facebook?
  • Leveraging and expanding social media influencers in your niche will help you get assisted in Instagram since 85% of Instagramy-people opens the app thrice in a day.

Google+ with 418 million active users has the power to stand alone on a a high standing with your customers. If you are active here, then you can certainly be assured about your mobile app to be promoted both SEO and marketing wise.

  1. Conventional method

Finally, if nothing works (next to impossible) then it’s high time to either make some changes in your mobile app or start paying for the advertisements to all the popular social medias like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. As per Growmobile, 50% of respondents said they plan to spend over 25% of their digital media budget on social advertising. Not surprising? It’s like AdWords and with targeted campaigns you can easily rule those

channels. It’s definitely worth giving it a try if you feel confident about the quality of your mobile app.

Seven tips of mobile app promotion through social media are staggering if executed properly. Any of the 7 or every factors can have impact on your niche depending upon the mobile application.

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