If you want to be successful in marketing, it’s important that you know how to determine what kind of brand your company belongs to, ie the brand you are working on. Follow the explanation provided by https://www.ferventevents.com/.

There are many successful brands, but in fact, can be divided into two groups: consumer focused and product-focused.

For these two groups, there are completely different advertising rules, and different approaches to the development of new services apply.

Perhaps many will ask: Are not they equally important both the consumer and the product?

Of course they are, but it is also important to determine what you will focus on in the marketing campaign and how it affects the development of all aspects of the strategy. The following examples of successful brands can help you determine which group your brand belongs to.

Brand-oriented company

The creation of a consumer-oriented brand identifies the key type of users of that brand, then creates and adjusts products that meet the needs of these consumers.

The best examples for this are Nike, Epl, BMW.

The whole philosophy of the Nike brand is based on the needs of athletes. Nike directs all your attention to the consumer – an athlete and those who love sports or are engaged in sports – recreational or professional. Although they have become popular in sports shoes, Nike offers its consumers much more than that. In their collection you can find all products that athletes may need. For example, in basketball equipment, Nike sells shoes, sweatpants, shorts, jerseys, headbands, water bottles, athletic bags, balls. Almost everything is needed for dealing with sports, except for basketball courts.

The fact that they have everything they can need for a basketball player may not seem like something special and innovative, but that’s actually very important. That’s what Nike makes a successful consumer-oriented brand. In order to meet the needs of their consumers, they have expanded their assortment of products. Thus, besides the sneakers, they began to produce all other props, introduced new lines of products, opened new factories and introduced new technologies. All that would give your consumer – athletes a maximum of pleasant experience while dealing with what he likes.

According to this principle, Nike’s entire marketing is in operation. In marketing campaigns, athletes or sportsmen are always represented, and Nike encourages them to achieve even better results. The long-standing slogan – “Just do it” also does not apply to a particular Nike product, but to encouraging consumers to get started.

It is important to determine what type of brand you are developing and what your focus is. Determine before you go out on the market and star promoting it using successful marketing strategies. If you are not sure how to do that or do not have enough knowledge, you can always hire marketing agencies that will help you make that possible.

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