Have you ever noticed how perceptive our pets are about our moods? You must have sensed how they know what you are feeling at any given moment. This must have made you wonder exactly how much it is that they can sense about us.

Dogs have always been very perceptive with their powerful sense of smell and their way of connecting with their pet parent. This ability makes them rather empathetic with us and lets them know how we are, both mentally and physically. Dogs are clever animals and their actions convey their emotions very clearly.

In this piece, we’ll shed light on 5 things that your dog can sense about you!

Dogs can sense if you’re afraid

Perhaps one of the most amazing skills that dogs possess is their knack for sensing fear and if their owner needs to be protected. When we are scared of something, we emit adrenaline and the superlative sense of smell that dogs have, they pick up on it.

Moreover, when we are afraid of something, our body sort of diminishes as we prepare to defend ourselves or flee. Dogs pick up on this reaction rather quickly and this sort of puts them on edge in case they’d have to protect us since they consider us as a part of their herd.

They can sense what mood we are in

Just as it is with sensing fear, dogs are very empathetic and can understand if you’re extremely happy or sad. They can do this by reading, or for a better want of a word, decoding our body language.

When it comes to reading facial and body expressions, dogs can be regarded as the experts. The moment your dog registers that you’re feeling rather low, they’ll shower you with a healthy dose of puppy lovin’ to put you at ease.

They want you to understand, that no matter what they’ve always got your back and you can always count on them.

They can sense if you’re pregnant

You will see that your furry friend is more aware of you and the behavioural changes that you’re going through when you’re expecting. The sole reason and explanation behind this is the fact that they can sense that you’re pregnant.

They are wired to take note of the hormonal changes that are happening in your body which is why they’re even more protective of you and the baby as well. They can sense that you’re vulnerable and till it is time for the baby to arrive, your canine will always come forth to protect you and will not leave your side till the new member of the pack arrives.

They understand that the baby is the most helpless member of the pack which is why they’re overcome with the sense of protection to watch over them come what may.

It is said that dogs can pick up on any other-worldly paranormal presence so it is hardly surprising that they can sense the presence of a baby that is to be born.

They know if you’re not keeping well

With the powerful sense of smell that dogs possess, they are able to recognise if their owner is unwell. They can polish their sense of smell to a limit where they can distinguish between the various chemicals that our body releases when we are ill. Dogs are known to detect even cancer.

So if your furry buddy keeps sniffing a particular part of your body over and over again, you’d better schedule an appointment with your doctor.

When your dog senses that you’re unwell, it keeps coming back to care for you and won’t leave your side. This is because they understand that you need them the most when you’re unwell.

They can differentiate between love and hate

Dogs can tell if a person likes or dislikes you. We emit oxytocin, commonly known as the love hormone which a dog’s exceptional sense of smell picks up on and differentiate between hate and love.

When you secrete this chemical coupled with the fluctuations in the rhythm of your breathing pattern and body tension, your dog can tell if you want to continue having a conversation with person sitting in front of you.

When you read this, you’ll understand the vastness of a dog’s love for their pet parents and we know you show them the same level of affection with all the cuddles, boops and grooming. This is why it is important that you learn how to service your clippers before you groom your canines.

With this, we wrap up our list of things that a dog can sense about you! Hopefully, this will give you a better insight on your dog’s behaviour.

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