Did you know that by the end of the first quarter in 2020, Netflix has almost 183 million subscribers? There is no doubt that Netflix is a very popular streaming site that many people around the entire world enjoy. One of the great things about Netflix is that it can be enjoyed on any device out there as long as you have an internet connection.

If you are watching Netflix on your Mac you might not be aware of some of the tips for using Netflix with your Apple device to get the most out of your viewing experience.

1. Use the Browser Version

Most people assume that streaming Netflix from the app is much better than streaming from a browser. The truth is that streaming on an internet browser like Chrome will make your streaming experience a lot easier.

It is easier to navigate and maneuver around the browser than the app. You are able to search for things like “new movies” or “shows” and then click the option to add them to “My List.” This allows you to enjoy them on any other device in the future without having to search again.

The great thing is that you can easily read all of the descriptions from the comfort of your Mac without squinting your eyes trying to read your television screen. The browser also has an extra tab called “Latest” with different category tabs

2. Autoplay Trailer Options

If you are not a fan of the autoplay trailers then you can opt to turn them off via the browser on your Mac. All you have to do is click on the dropdown menu that is near your avatar and click “account” then scroll to the bottom and click “My Profile.”

Once you are there click “Playback Settings” and from there you can turn off autoplay completely or choose to just turn off the previews.

3. Netflix Codes

You might not be aware that Netflix has thousands of movies and shows and most of them will never ever make it to your homepage. When you are using Netflix on your Mac browser you can use something known as Netflix codes to help you find pretty much anything you want on the streaming service.

These are short strings of numbers almost like learning to use iMovie tutorial where each string of numbers is assigned to a genre and subgenre of a show or a movie. For example, if you want to see every single campy movie on Netflix you would type in www.netflix.com/browse/genre/1252.

4. Chrome Extensions

If you use Chrome on your Mac you can opt to add a few Chrome extensions such as IMDb ratings. This will give you a rating for shows and movies in a pop-up in the right-hand corner of a thumbnail that you can see whenever you hover over a title.

This can make it easier to choose what to watch based on the ratings that have been left. There are endless Chrome extensions to choose from to make your watching experience much better. The key is to look out for the extensions that have not been updated in years because these will not come in handy.

5. Download Movies

Because streaming requires a great internet connection in order to avoid the fun buffering experience, you have the option to download movies and shows that you want to watch when access to the internet is not possible.

This is a smart move to make when you will be traveling and are unsure of how your WiFi connection will be. It will also come in handy when you need to keep the kids quiet while you are out if you have your laptop with you.

6. Keyboard Shortcuts

There are plenty of keyboard shortcuts that you can use on your Mac instead of using the mouse. Pretty much every playback option is available via your keyboard.

If you want to Pause or Play the video either press the Space Bar or the Return key. To rewind for 10 seconds press the left arrow and if you want to fast forward for 10 seconds click the right arrow. Pressing the up and down arrow keys will increase or decrease the volume.

Click “F” if you want to put the screen in Full screen and press “Esc” if you want to exit Full Screen. If you want to quickly mute your show or movie press the “M” key. To skip the intro you can simply press the “S” key.

7. Best Video Quality

Quality when watching shows and movies has come a long way from the grainy days of the 90s. Today you can see every single bead of sweat on someone’s face because of the clarity. If you are paying for the premium subscription then you have access to stream in 4k and if your Mac has the capability then you can enjoy 4K viewing as well.

If your Mac is before the 2018 models you just have to make sure your screen resolution is set at 60Hz. For Mac Pros after 2019 and MacBook Pros 2018 or later they already have the required resolution automatically set.

Feeling Like a Pro at Using Netflix?

Now that you know the ins and outs of using Netflix on a Mac you can start trying out the different tips we shared to see how you love them. The goal when subscribing to Netflix is to enjoy some good old binge-watching or a Netflix and chill night.

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