As the internet of things takes the world by storm, dexterity in Hadoop can take your professional career to places. 

According to Statista, the Big Data market is projected to grow to 103 billion by 2027. From healthcare to banking and real estate to gaming, Big Data is already upending industry operations. 

Big Data technologies such as Cloud-based analytics and Hadoop are helping businesses leverage the power of data, reduce costs, and drive customer satisfaction. Hadoop is open source platform with the capacity to crunch huge amount of data using cheap servers. It has massive storage and computing power.  

Big Data is a golden goose for IT and data science professionals. And Hadoop is the key to unlock its power. 

If you are a big data and Hadoop enthusiast, here are 8 industry reasons why you should opt for Hadoop to augment your career. 

8 Reasons: Why Hadoop is the Future of Big Data?

  • Hadoop is what Big Tech companies depend on.

Hadoop has emerged as a cost-effective and efficient alternative for traditional data warehousing. From Yahoo, Twitter, and eBay, big businesses are using a combination of Big Data and Hadoop for running their business. Using Hadoop is not expensive, it is scalable and offers good storage and performance for a  variety of data sources.

  • Hadoop is the gateway to Big Data tech.

The ungodly amount of data being generated by businesses and internet devices is unprecedented. Traditional software and databases are incapable of handling Big Data. Experience says, Hadoop can. Thus, it has emerged as a de-factor for Big Data Analytics. 

For those seeking to carve a career in Big Data, learning about Hadoop and other Big Data technologies falling under Hadoop ecosystem is essential. 

  • Hadoop powered Big Data Analytics is high in-demand.

A study by Tableau, a data visualization company, found that Big Data Analytics market powered by Hadoop will reach valuation of about 28.5 USD between 2016 to 2022. Time couldn’t be better for professionals to hop on Hadoop bandwagon and gain big data certification. Given high-demand, nothing could give a fillip to your career as industry-led certification in Big Data, comprising know-how of Hadoop. 

  • Hadoop professionals in Big Data earn high salary premiums.

With the rise in demand for Big Data Hadoop professionals, but not optimum supply to fulfill it, entering this job profile can claim high premiums. Companies of the likes of IBM and Oracle are developing and promoting Big Data technologies and tools powered by Hadoop. Certified Big Data professionals with know-how of Hadoop can be golden for such businesses. The trend has also been echoed by the US Bureau of Labor Statistics.

  • Become a part of Big Data experts.

If you have been in Big Data industry for a while, gaining knowledge of Hadoop will get you a spot in the league of few professionals with a mastery of Big Data Hadoop. Furthermore, those new to the industry, learning Hadoop can be a significant entry point to Big Data domain.

  • Skills in Hadoop powers Big Data Engineering profession. 

For Big Data Engineering, the requisite knowledge of Hadoop is almost always mentioned in the desired skills. Glassdoor published 10 software skills that are essential for Data Scientists, and Hadoop was one of the key skills that often find mention on job search aggregators.

  • Court other profiles, within and outside Big Data, with Hadoop. 

Within Big Data you can pursue many other job profiles, such as: 

Hadoop Admin, Hadoop Developer, Analyst, Big Data Architect, Software Engineer, Data Engineer, Data Scientist, and so on.

Outside Big Data domain, Hadoop pros are suited for multiple job profiles, including: 

Project Managers, Senior IT professionals, Business Intelligence Professionals, ETL and Data Warehousing Professionals, Mainframe professionals, among others. 

  • Take on big freelancing opportunities with Hadoop.

Some of the biggest businesses, as well as employees, are opting for independent working style. Given industry receptiveness for freelancers, certified Big Data Professionals can find lucrative freelancing projects on Hadoop with ease. This will make you your own boss and give you a semblance of work-life balance.

The demand for Hadoop professionals is rising and will augment further in the data-driven businesses. 

Are you ready to tap the golden goose?

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