The solar energy comes from the sun. The heat and light produced from the sun is converted into solar energy. From many years, this solar energy has been utilized in several ways. As the technology is improving, the modes of using solar energy is also increasing. In older days, the solar energy is used for cooking, heating and so on. But in recent days, the solar energy is used for electricity production by solar pv system. These solar systems for electricity production requires solar panels which are installed at the rooftops of residential buildings or large open areas as the power station for large supplies.

Advantages of the residential solar energy PV system:

Solar energy is renewable, sustainable and abundant. As the price of utilizing solar to generate electricity comes downevery year, many people are mostlyswitching into solar generated electricity. Presently, there are about million of the solar installations in many countries. The benefits of shifting to  the solar electricity are:

1.      Cost Savings: Financial recoveries and low monthly electricity bills are importantreasons for using solar energy for generating the electricity. The electricity bills are reducedwhile using solar generated electricity isbased on the following:

  • Consumptionof the electricity
  • The size of solar panel of the solar PV system on the rooftop of residential buildings
  • Whether youlease or purchase thesolar pv system
  • The duration of sunlight availability daily.
  • The angle and size of the solar panel and the roof.
  • The electricity rates in that area.

 A solar PV system givesa chance for everyone who wants to lessen the monthly electricity bills and want to invest on the best product with the best outcome. Investing on the solar PV system is a long term investment and is the best decision to select the system to buy.

2.      Enhanced Value for your home: Solar panels on your residential house areregarded as upgrades for the house, like a furnished house or any renovated kitchen.Sobuying a solar power PV system increases the value of your house. Researches show that many homeowners across the worldexpend a premium for the solar electrical home. Even though market aspects like system size and electricity bills may affect the amount of the premium but homes with solar PV system can be sold for more money when compared to homes without the solar PV System.

3.      Solar Works at any place:The solar reserveacross the world is enormous.  Justan hour of an afternoon summer sun is almostequivalent to the monthly demand of electricity in some areas. Even in some places with comparativelyinadequate solar reserves,can encounterexpenditure savings and will have comparable solar resources to all other countries which have widely spread solar PV system.

By peter