There is nearly nobody on this planet who hates watching videos online. The internet has hundreds of thousands of videos, and many more get added every second, thanks to social media and technology. The whole world can now view your video within seconds and express its opinions on it. But always stayingonline is not possible because some issues like connectivity issues, data pack exhaustion, etc. may happen. This might hamper your video viewing experience. To solve these problems, Videomate apps come to aid. In this article, we shall see what VideoMate is and also look through its features.

What is VideoMate?

VideoMate is a video downloading application that helps you to download your favourite videos and movies from online websites. This means that you no longer need to stream the online videos to watch, but can also download and store it for future use. Whether you are planning to travel or visit a place that has no proper network connection, VideoMate helps you to download videos and watch them wherever and whenever you want.

Also, many websites offer only streamable videos and do not allow downloading of videos. But through VideoMate, you can not only stream those videos but also download them to your device.

What are the Features of VideoMate?

Here are a few features of Videomateapps.

#1 Build-in Browser

In spite of being a video downloading software, VideoMate also has a built-in browser that allows you to browse through the net from within the downloader. You can search for your favourite videos online using this browser and download them right from the original websites.

#2 Video Search Feature

The application has a search bar where you can type in keywords of your favourite videos. This will redirect you to the search page with videos relevant to your search terms. You can browse through these videos and watch the one which you feel is the best.

#3 Easier Downloading

Videomateappsmakes downloading videos from the websites easy. You can search for videos using the built-in browser. The browser will automatically detect the link and ask if you want to download. If you choose to download the video, you can always preview the video for its quality and then download if you wish to.

#4 Fully Equipped Download Manager

Videomateapps in itself is a fully equipped download manager which allows to user to manage the download connections, bandwidth management and also start, pause and stop downloads any time. Paused downloads can also be resumed at any time.

All the videos get downloaded in the background. This means that you can use your mobile phone for other purposes while the download is in progress. The user can also view the live progress of each of the download through the live download progress bar.

#5 Notifications

Depending on what you view on VideoMate, you will be notified on the latest videos available online. Also, notifications regarding the start and the finish of downloads are also given.

These were the exciting features of VideoMate APK. If you want to explore many other features, try it first-hand by downloading it.

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