These days more and more people are selling their old mobile phone to get some instant cash and that is more than fair. Because no matter how much you love your phone you would like an upgrade sooner or later. However, there isn’t much information involved when it comes to selling your old mobile phone. Although there are plenty of websites exclusively dealing in the sale of old and used mobile phone, there are still lots of doubts and misconceptions involved. Most people think that they will not get a good mobile resale value for their handset while others give up on this thought as they consider the process of finding a buyer too cumbersome. However, against the popular misconception selling your old mobile phone is easy. All you have to do is to post a picture of your mobile, answer few questions related to its condition and make a listing. While conventional methods suggest finding a buyer who promises to offer you a good value for your old mobile and then meeting them in person to make it possible. Unlike the conventional method, online offers you the ease and convenience of selling your old mobile phone online without any hassle. Here you don’t have to haggle to get the best price for your used phones but in order to ensure the maximum value of your old handset. you have to take care of certain things, which are as follows:

  1. Brand:

It is a well known fact that certain brands such as Apple and Samsung offer a better resale value than others. Nexus and Motorola also have good resale value. So depending on the brand you have you can get an idea about how much money you are going to get once you resell it.

  1. Condition

Brand has a huge impact on the resale value of phones but that is not the only factor. There are various other things that determine the worth of your old phone. A mobile phone in a good working condition is surely going to get better value than others. Make sure to keep it from scratches, cracks or any possible software issues. Use a screen protector and case to make sure that your phone is safe and protected. If, however, your mobile phone is not in the best condition you should look for some low cost fixes before you try to resell it.

  1. Get it certified

Despite the fact that the second hand mobile phone market is growing many people are still apprehensive of buying an old phone for the fear that it might be damaged or not working properly. Getting your phone certified will surely increase its resale vale in the market as it will ease customer’s worries and build trust. There are various companies that offer mobile device certification that will serve towards giving prospective buyers a fair idea about the working condition of your mobile phone.

  1. Unlock it

Unlocking your phone once you have decided to resell it can add huge value to it. Unlocking your phone simply means that SIM cards other than the original can be used. Locked mobile phones can cause difficulty to the buyers as they will have to pay for getting it unlocked before using it. You can contact your current service provider to unlock it and increase the odd of finding a buyer. There are also various online service provider who can help you unlock it and increase the resale value of your old mobile phone.

  1. Wipe out all the personal data

Deleting all your personal data from your phone is always a good thing to do before you try to sell it. When somebody buys an old or used mobile phone they don’t want to see somebody else’s personal data. Moreover, leaving your personal data can also cause security risk in future. Not being careful with the personal data can lead to instances of ID theft if it lands in the wrong hands. Hence, the best thing you can do is to completely erase all your personal data from your mobile phone. This will help in maximising your mobile phone’s resale value.

  1. Wait for exchnage sale

There are certain websites that run mobile exchange offers. You can always make use of that and get the right value of your old phone. At Togofogo you can have a great exchange offer also. Smartphone lovers are always excited to get their hands on the latest model and exchanging their old phone for a new one is the best thing they can do. It not only guarantees them the best value for their used phone but also eliminates the need of having to find a buyer.

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