There are millions of engineers passing out every year and going jobless. The job scenario is changing every day and there is a lot of new stuffs that are born every now and then. India being an early adopter of the latest technologies is also the IT power hub of the world. There were a lot of growth in terms of how technology and science has been changing the world and how India has become the driving force over the years. India as a country is not only the home to a large number of people but also has the highest number of mobile users.

Analysts is a new designation which has been popularized like in the recent years. Data analyst are people who deal with data in identifying patterns and forming meaningful solutions out of the data available. The job scenario in india has changed a lot and there are a lot of people who wanted to do something meaningful and which has a significant impact. The number of people looking for data analytics courses in mumbai is massive. There are plenty of online course materials which teaches from the basics to the advanced models of data analytics.

One of the most common courses which people are after nowadays is the android developer certification. The wide use of androids across all the smart phones and the constant updates which brings in a lot of new features and there is a lot of market for this. Android development is a never ending process and there is going to be demand as long as people and technology are hand-in-hand, literally.

Android developer training to a lot of people seems to a software developer kind of job but there is lot more to it. Android development has reached its peaks and there are a lot of mobile phone companies which are fighting with each other to catch the spot. Android is more than a software. It has become a brand itself. The functionality is such a hit that more than 60% of the people in the world use an android device. Android has a lot more advanced features than a IOs and has proven to more user friendly. The openness and the easy coding part, there are a lot of developers who earn money by developing apps for android users and this has opened the gateway to a lot of new apps which are making our lives easier.

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